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Isn't everyone looking for those next epic high
school senior inspiration picture ideas?

Outdoor photography for high school senior portraits in downtown Denver Colorado


What do you want your senior images to look like? What will make it feel most likeYOU?  Start brainstorming on descriptive words (ex. fashion, colorful, edgy, candid...) and start DREAMING BIG. If your photoshoot could be ANYWHERE where would it be?  What would it look like? BE CREATIVE!


Once you invision your shoot, it's time to find the visual INSPIRATION! Instagram is your FRIEND - DM me images that give a visual representation of what you're thinking! You can also scroll through images on my

Instagram accounts: @davidschlatter  and  @denverfitnessphotographert.


I can't wait to start planning your photoshoot - and the best YOU  that you can DREAM!

Never hesitate to reach out to talk! I'm here to help!

The best sports photographer in Denver

Most of the concept photoshoots are in this session. These photoshoots are similar to advertising, stock, and photojournalism for several reasons. The concept photoshoots involve a message or some type of vision you want to convey. Concept photoshoots involve new ideas or maybe a message you're trying to convey. A location or the use of specific propping can make a concept come to life. To start planning these you need an idea. It's easy enough to get online and start looking at websites, instagram or pretty much anywhere to find what interests you. You can sen me screenshots to help me understand the direction you would like to go. From there we can collaborate and start forming a plan! Some of these images are created during the retouching process that happens after the shoot.

High school senior portrait for Arapahoe, Boulder, Castle View, Cherry Creek, Columbine, R
Creative high school senior wall portraits sports and Meliora Projects for Arapahoe, Castl
Sports photography for high school senior portrait for Boulder, Castle View, Cherry Creek,


One of the best ways is to customize your senior photography session is to add in some of your favorite things that you do every day! I've had seniors want to highlight the sports they play, their favorite foods, their love for reading, their car... I've done it ALL! 

Athletics + Sports

If you play a sport that is a big part of your high school life, we need to showcase it! You can bring along your uniform and equipment (volleyball. lacrosse stick, etc.) for some really fun photos. We can also go on location to ice rinks, basketball courts, you name it!  Consider adding in any medals, trophies or letters you have to highlight


I love finding creative ways to highlight YOU! If you paint, write, read or are a photographer yourself, we will find a way to show that off! I would love to have you bring along any things that make up YOU, something we can add to your images!

Cheer + Dance

Let me just start by saying these are BOTH also sports. but they deserve their own section! I was on drill team myself in high school (and college!), and it is so fun to capture these photos. Bring along your uniform + poms, or your leo and pointe shoes...we will get some STUNNING action shots for you, as well as the traditional posed images!

Favorite Things

Incorporating your favorite things into your pictures can be really creative, and also really fun! Are you someone who can't live without your daily fix of Starbucks coffee? Are you obsessed with Chick-Fil-A? Are you in love with your car or do you have a shopping addiction? We can brainstorm together to find some fun ways to highlight these things for your photoshoot!

Studio photography for high school senior portrait for Arapahoe, Boulder, Castle View, Che
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