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Creative High School Senior Photographer For The Denver, Front Range Area

Creative high school senior picture in Denver.

Parker Senior Portrait Photographer-Parker Outdoor Senior  Portrait Photographer

Outdoor photography for high school senior portrait for Arapahoe, Boulder, Castle View, Ch

"David is an incredible photographer and person! I have worked with him a lot over the years and I am always blown away by the results. He creates art with every flash of a camera and always creates a welcoming and comfortable environment. Totally recommend"!

This series of images was created from the Meliora Projets which are

perfect examples of a six different areas/locations or ideas on separate days, spread out over the summer so you can change your look,  pick a time a year...  Sign up early so there is time to schedule the sessions.  These are some of my favorite!  It gives you a chance to get some incredible images and works of art for the wall.  I am up for whatever creative ideas you may have!

Castle Rock Senior Portrait Photographer-Castle Rock Outdoor Senior Portrait Photographer

Studio photography for high school senior portrait for Boulder, Castle View, Cherry Creek,

Colorado Springs Senior Portrait Photographer-Colorado Springs Outdoor Senior Portrait Photographer

Fort Collins Senior Portrait Photographer-Fort Collins Outdoor Senior Portrait Photographer

High school senior portraits for Arapahoe, Boulder, Castle View, Chaparral, Rock Canyon, D

High school senior photography is a process with an end result that lasts for a lifetime. I enjoy getting to know my clients!  It’s the relationship that we create that can lead to great sessions and subsequently wonderful photographs that truly capture your essence.  The thirty plus years experience in the field that I have has afforded me the ability to be efficient.  Thus, I am usually able to hone in on the uniqueness of my clients and showcase that in the photographs in just a short time. I know great photography locations all over the Denver area. In order to bring out my clients’ uniqueness, I am willing to be as creative as necessary!   The locations, clothing, props and anything else that customizes the photos are endless!  My extended sessions are a great way to have multiple opportunities in several different locations,  props,  and clothing to create a variety of different photos to choose from.  I am open to creating the most amazing session or sessions that lead to photos that you will absolutely love!

Boulder Senior Portrait Photographer-Boulder Outdoor Senior Portrait Photographer