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I Love My Job!

I always hear people say that, but I really love my job!  I love being a business owner and photographer, and that passion for photography shines through in every image I take. I love high school seniors and sports photography, it is   the main body of my work, born from a combination of inspiration, and creativity.  My photography journey takes me all over the world!  I bring a unique perspective and a deep appreciation for the beauty of lighting, and I hope my clients feel lucky to have me capture their moments.

Denver based high school senior and sports photographer.

Who am I to you?  Are my photographs the only evidence I was here? Have my images brought you a smile or laugh, help you remember a special time?


Have some of the images that I’ve created change, or make you question your perception?  Maybe cementing something you know in your heart to be true.


I recently spoke to someone who told me my work is beautiful, but what is it that I specialize in?  What is my favorite image that I have taken?  Those two questions took me by surprise.  I then realized there is not one area that I would solely like to photograph. 


For me its not about what I am photographing, its about the people I photograph.  I can be shooting a small child, family,  a high school senior…  all of which can be the most incredible things at that moment.  Not because I like shooting that group, but because I feel something.  


Who am I… my name is David Schlatter. My best guess is that I have taken millions of images in my lifetime.  I’ve shot nature, architecture, portraits, products… I’ve pretty much shot it all at one time or another.  But it’s the people I love and keep coming back too.  It’s the individual faces that tell a story.


Recently I have been photographing dance and sports.  I just can’t get enough.   What I enjoy, is the fact that these groups of people are passionate about what they do.  I get caught up in their passion.  When I work with someone who loves what they do, I want to create images showcasing that passion.


Digital photography has given me the tools; to give people an insight to the way I see them.  

Now there are no constraints holding me back, more than ever I am able to push my boundaries.  Step outside my box… I find that photography for me begins at the end of my comfort zone.


I've heard it said a good photographer captures the subject.  But I don’t think that’s true; I feel it’s the subject that captures the photographer.  It is a strange thing when I click with someone I am photographing. There’s a synergy created.  I believe each person senses they are playing a role in something very powerful. 


I want my images to make you feel something, to move you.  


What footprints have I left behind? Will they endure?  Or has the vast ocean of photography washed them away already? 


How many lives have I touched over the years? Have I touched yours? 


So what is it I specialize in…  I specialize in people.


My life's work… The question isn't who am I to you, but have I turned out to be the person I thought I would be?


So what’s my favorite image…  it’s the one I will be taking tomorrow?

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