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Specializing in seniors and sports in Parker, Highlands Ranch and Denver Colorado


Photography is a process with an end result that last for a lifetime. I enjoy getting to know my clients!  It’s the relationship that we create that can lead to a great session and subsequently wonderful photographs that truly capture your essence.  The thirty plus years experience in the field that I have has afforded me the ability to be efficient.  Thus, I am usually able to hone in on the uniqueness of my clients and showcase that in the photographs in just a short time. In order to bring out my clients’ uniqueness, I am willing to be as vcreative as necessary!   The locations, clothing, props and anything else that customizes the photos are endless!  My extended sessions are a great way to have multiple opportunities in several different locations,  props,  and clothing to create a variety of different photos to choose from.  I am open to creating the most amazing session or sessions that lead to photos that my clients will absolutely love!

Denver's best high school senior and sports photographer

David is the best photographer I've ever worked

with. Not only does he take the time to understand your vision, but he truly cares about knowing you,

and making you feel happy and confident in your photographs. I can't wait to use David for my oldest child's senior pictures, and for any other photography needs | have in the future!

David is amazing! We have done both in studio and on locations sessions with him and the pictures are always amazing. We never feel rushed and we get a great mix of traditional shots and things that are more creative. Professional   pictures are an investment but for the number of shots we get, I find it to be a         great value.

Parker Senior Sports Portrait Photographer-Parker Outdoor Senior Sports Portrait Photographer

high school senior sports photography

What would you like your senior pictures to look like?How can we create something that is YOU! Go over
the choices for photography sessions and choose the one you would like. Once we get you on the calendar we can start planning your sessions! 
Contact me if you would like to talk options. 
You can book your session by

TEXT 303-494-2200






DREAM BIG! Now we can talk about ideas for props, clothing, possible locations or any other special interests you may have. This is the time to start lining up locations, meet up points, time of day and year. I have created AWESOME images in some of the strangest little places! Once we have ideas lined up, start going through Instagram, Pinterest and any other social media spots and send me images that you like.

Having accessories and props can really give you a more polished look for your images!  This is a great time to discuss and plan your session, clothing and locations.  If you have any questions leading up to the shoot, don't hesitate to reach out any time of day or night! I'm here for you! If your not sure how to pose, I can help.  Most of my senior images on Instagram are just normal high school seniors. Trust the process!

The photography session day arrives. Don't be late!  When I schedule a time for the photoshoot it can be lighting specific.  This is when all the planning of your session comes together to help create a fun and unique experience that was created for you!  With most sessions we can change outfits and go to multiple locations to create your portraits unlike anything you may have experienced before!

Your images are normally online in your own private gallery within 24 hours.  Your images will have a basic edit (color correction and cropping).  Once you have chosen the images in your gallery we can discuss what type of retouching you would like. Standard retouching covers acne and some stray hair removal.

Now your images are retouched, make sure you download all of them.  I truly believe it is extremely important to make prints from your images.  Times have change, it is great to have access to your images to share socially online. 
"Some of my fondest memories are sitting down and going through a drawer or box of old images and
holding them in my hand, there is nothing like it"!

I would be honored to order high quality images from my professional lab for you!
You may order them from any lab you would like, but I can't guarantee the quality.

I can help design your session specifically to you! I'm here to create images that you LOVE!

Boulder Senior Sports Portrait Photographer-Boulder Outdoor Senior Sports Portrait Photographer

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