About David

David’s sensitivity and personal warmth combined with his humor and spontaneity help create the perfect environment for your portrait session.  This comfortable environment is relaxing and fun, bringing forth the true nature of the individual being photographed.  Whether capturing the innocence of a child, the warmth of a family, or the playful interaction between siblings, David’s photography is always a unique, natural, and interesting experience!
David’s photography has appeared in magazines and brochures and is displayed in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and many other commercial establishments.  As a committed and invested member of our community since 1987, David has donated thousands of dollars in photography to numerous charitable organizations.
If you choose David Schlatter Photography, you will be pleased with the photographs you receive.  Please call if you would like further information or to schedule a sitting.                                       I’m the father of 3 wonderful kids (most of the time).  They are all on their way to becoming adults now.  They really grow up too fast.   I’m thankful I am a photographer, I have been fortunate to always having a camera close by.                                                                             Understanding light and how it plays on  a subject allows me the ability to “get the shot” almost every time. This has allowed me to capture special treasured moments in my own children’s lives! These are a few of my favorite memories on a vacation in Bonaire, horseback riding on the beach. To me, these are trophies!  These images alone made the entire trip for me.
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